Work Culture

Gyandhara – A platform to share knowledge

NeoGrowth promotes a culture of learning and development. Gyandhara is one such initiative which provides a platform for the employees to gain knowledge from subject matter experts. The program provides an opportunity for colleagues to share knowledge. This is a monthly forum covering various topics with subject matter experts not limited to within the organization but includes special invitees from outside as well.

Some of the sessions included Mr.Raju Shetty, Chief Technology Officer talking about Bots, Bitcoin & Block Chain Technology and Mr.Vikas Mittal, Head of Digital Marketing sharing his knowledge about creating a website. Bots, Bitcoin & Block Chain Technology session was not only informative but provided the audience with insights on growing category of money known as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed– they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. The 2nd session on website creation provided information about the designing, creating and using different templates, how to make the site mobile friendly.

These sessions’ help in cultivating a learning culture within the organization and helps employees keep abreast with the latest technology as well as best practices in the industry. As Benjamin Franklin has rightly said “Investment in Knowledge always pays the best interest”.


Sales Engagement at NeoGrowth

It is famously said about Sales …. “You don’t close a Sale, you open a Relationship”.

This ideology is strongly believed & followed at NeoGrowth. Sales is the backbone of any organization as that is what gets the business for a company. We at NeoGrowth acknowledge & respect this fact and have consciously built a dynamic, robust and dependable Sales Team to service & acquire new customers for the Company.

Also realizing the importance of constantly engaging & motivating our Sales team towards achieving even greater heights in business we have a vibrant Sales Engagement Program in place.

The Program comprises a Mix of Sales Contests, Training, Knowledge building workshops, as well as team bonding exercises & activities.

The contests are designed to motivate the Sales team to achieve incremental growth over & above their standard deliverables. This is done by having Spot contests that are run for 2-3 days, Monthly Contests as well as Quarterly Contests.

The winners are handsomely rewarded via Gift vouchers / domestic trips / international trips as well as the much deserved recognition in terms of The Best performing Team, The CAM of the month, Cluster Manager of the month etc.

Also, Training workshops help the Sales team in further development & improvement of their Skills as well as updating them about the new approaches and development related to the business. This ensures that the team is always sharp, updated & focused towards their personal & organizational goals.

As our sales team also interacts with various channel partners who help them in getting the business, NeoGrowth regularly organizes Channel Partner Meet, which provides an excellent environment for Networking for the Sales team and also building relationships with the Channel Partner Community.

NeoGrowth being a Fintech Company makes effective utilization of Technology and provides Apps, tools to the Sales team to help them in their day to day business.

Sales at NeoGrowth is not only an important business function but also an integral part of our organizational DNA.


Corporate Roulette- A new way to adopt learning

It is said that the only thing constant in today’s world is “Change”. The organizational framework is changing with the changing needs of today’s market place. Employees in the corporate world are not only sharing office space but is also sharing ideas. This has a strong impact and influence on the work environment of any culture.

Learning definitely gives us knowledge and a lot of exposure to the outside world. But at Neo growth we believe in team learning- learning collectively, which results in a dynamic environment to work in and provides our employees the opportunity to analyse a problem in different dimensions and viewpoints, retain valuable information received and transfer knowledge that instigates growth and development within the organization. This ‘out of the cubicle’ approach have strong positive ripples spreading throughout the organization in form of shared learning which leads to a better attitude among employees working here.

As a part of a learning initiative, we have introduced ‘Corporate Roulette’ – A business simulation program specially designed to provide an impetus to our employees to grow by learning. In this, a few groups are formed and given a case study to discuss. Employees from different functions are grouped into one team so that they discuss and brainstorm ideas which lead to stronger team bonding. Different opinions and viewpoints are injected into the discussion where every opinion is taken in a positive and liberal way and made sure that something valuable is retained from this entire exercise.

It is indeed a unique learning exercise group members communicate opinions and out of the box viewpoints, and come together to brainstorm for one common goal- To derive the best possible solution. Like a picture is worth thousand words, stories are worth thousand thoughts. And we at Neogrowth get your thoughts integrated. Corporate Roulette basically provides a realistic field to combat your thoughts that are pastured with knowledge, understandings, and situational analysis. It covers real-world phenomenon in form of a case study and opens every possible door to thoughts that needs to be unlocked. Brain storming with team members leads to great impulsive positive ideas and out of the box thinking. It helps in identifying and unveiling salient issues and helps in discovering different and unique solutions with the help of diverse viewpoints and strong analytical approach to problem solving. This has a long-term impact on the organization structure and strategy.

So like any business, conversions are important in case studies too. It is very important to each a proper outcome and communicate your findings well.

Every game has its own set of rules. So does ‘Corporate Roulette’.

So the rules are,

1. Topics will be pre-assigned. There will be diverse teams of six members each and they should put forward their thoughts and opinions on the pre-assigned topic. The members of the team will be from various functions to maintain diversity in opinions and roles.

2. Each topic has two themes, and they should address both the themes in a 15-minute presentation. Each team will have a Leader and two team members. Each of the three team members should speak for 1/3rd of the total time allotted to the team. Here is an opportunity for the three to work as a team in to analyse, plan and prepare to maximize productivity.

3. The presentation can be done by using different aids of presenting, etc. The predominant focus will be on the analytical insights provided by the team members, their understanding of the core issues, their research technique and outcome and the ability to communicate effectively to the audience. This can never be achieved without the right amount of teamwork. So that is the founding base of the entire activity.

4. After the presentation, there will be a quick Q&A session of 5 minutes from the audience. No answer should take more than 2 minutes of time. Following the rules of a round robin competition, once a team member has answered a question, the next question will be for the next team member and so on.


So where there are rules, there are responsibilities to follow it. Following the rules of the game well and playing it right makes you a winner. But what is the fun of winning without rewards? Rewards is no more a one-way benefit. As a company, we are rewarded back with new, fresh and liberal ideas presented by each team, out of the box solutions and new dimensions and approaches to look at a problem. For us providing a dynamic learning environment to work in is more than just a reward, it’s an achievement. We have rewards at the end of the game for the employees as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement. So here they are:

1. There will be a first prize and a second prize for the best and second best team as decided by the jury (to be announced). The criteria for deciding the prize will be the quality of understanding of issues and solution, and ability to communicate it to the audience, and how well they handled the Q&A session.

2. There will also be a popular award for the best individual effort which will be decided by an audience poll.

So get, set, play!

The 2016 Corporate Roulette got its proud achievers and here is the list.

Best Team Winner- P Ravindra, Vivek Singh & Sheetal Narvekar
Runner up Team- Vikas Mittal, Vidurjee Singh and Prasad Chavan
Best Individual Speaker-Amit Kuruppan



This exercise is a rewarding and enriching experience. Looking forward to the next successful implementation of the team work activity. Connect with us to know more. Keep reading to get updates on upcoming events and happenings in our organization.


Employee Engagement

The first need for any organization to progress is finding connect. The journey from being a candidate to being an employee is not as easy as we think. Without the right connect, workplace will never be their second home. They should just fit right in each other’s expectations.

But many organization falls under a fallacy that employee engagement is a one-sided approach and is only expected out of the employee working in the organization.

But to break the paradigm, we at Neogrowth believe that finding employee connect among our employees is based more on the environment we provide to them as superiors and a company as a whole. It is constructed by building environment which is flexible to employee needs and gives them a chance to enhance their knowledge by continuous learning. It is about trust, fairness, respect and value towards the employee of the company.

At Neogrowth, employee engagement plays a critical role because we believe that happy employees results in happy customers. For us, employee engagement is empowering our employees, their learnings, and beliefs so that they are passionate about whatever they do whether within the walls of the organization or beyond. Exposing the employees to the right kind of engagement can result in higher levels of commitments, competency, faster results, and productivity. At Neogrowth, any employee just doesn’t do a job, they own it.


Work Culture

We ensure continuous learning and growth in every field of work by providing the right kind of culture. For us, it really matters what our employee’s perception is, for the organization as a whole and we engage ourselves to make the employee experience better with time. We believe that employee engagement is not just annual satisfaction survey exercise but it is the number of initiatives to connect with the employees.

Whenever an employee join our organization, they go back home much more than just salary. Employees are given an environment of continuous learning which leads to higher productivity levels on the employee front. With right input of knowledge and learning, there will be the right output of productivity.

So with us, employee engagement is ensured. Employees climb the learning curve more efficiently with the right amount of activities, games training, and development. We provide a competitive and continuous learning culture where there are different programs for exemplary individual and team performances which are rewarding.

We at Neo growth follow a 3A approach- Appreciate, acknowledge and appraise. Our employees never go unacknowledged for their achievements and efforts. We appreciate and appraise our employees based on their performance in the organizations. We continuously try to maintain a positive work environment where employee growth is our key priority.

The management style practiced here is more of a flat structure with open lines of communication, when it comes to employees approaching the seniors for any clarity. We provide an open door policy to every employee working here so that productivity isn’t delayed and learning isn’t interrupted. It helps us to know the issues well and provide immediate relief to problems and create an environment where suggestions are taken on a positive note by the management to create a healthy work environment. We are open to any form of employee feedback and suggestions and conduct continuous follow-ups and provide the same to our employee to enhance their working patterns and learnings.

We conduct MD connect which is an important initiative taken by our organization. Our managing director, Mr Piyush Khaitan will be meeting and interacting with small groups of employees who have worked for more than six months in the organization. The session is based on the exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions on the organizational issues. These sessions of interaction develops stronger bonds and employee engagement levels. Since NeoGrowth believes in open lines of communication, this transparent and open interactive sessions makes the employees feel comfortable about voicing their opinions and ideas.

We organize skip level meetings where employees communicate directly with next level, when necessary. The upper-level management gets an opportunity to seek information that isn’t available with them. Thus, with proper planning and implementation, it provides the right insight of the happenings in your company.

With HR connect, we meet branch employees and engage with them on key issues, challenges and opportunities which we can collectively and efficiently work on.

With such effective programs we enhance the efficiency and productivity of the organization as a whole.

It is said that a boat will not go forward if each one is rowing it their own way. That’s why we highly follow a team building approach where teams strive and fights every challenge that comes their way, together. With the right kind of coordination and consistency, no stones are unturned to achieve the goals and milestones.

To sum it all up, we provide flexibility in approach and not just operations. We believe in empowering the employees in our organization and providing a fair and equal place to all. And as we said employee engagement isn’t a one side approach, we provide the right environment so that employee engagement generates the right result. We strongly believe that we become what we do. The positive climbs on the graphs and employee productivity say it all.