Yoga Enthusiasts celebrate Yoga Day

People across the world recently celebrated World Yoga Day on 21st June, 2017. On this day, we at NeoGrowth organised a yoga workshop for our employees. This was the first in many upcoming steps we aim at taking to promote a culture of healthier living, and maintaining a balanced approach towards life. Yoga has a number of health benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. Practicing basic yoga positions on a daily basis can help you gain muscle strength and emotional balance.

Here are five benefits of integrating yoga into your daily life:

  • Improved Physical Fitness:

    Yoga helps improve flexibility by leaps and bounds. A number of yoga assans are designed to stretch out your muscles to improve their overall strength and flexibility. This in turn helps you prevent issues like chronic muscle pain and stiff muscles. Yoga improves metabolism, which prevents your body from accumulating unhealthy fats.

  • Prevents Lifestyle Diseases:

    Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle. This kind of a lifestyle can cause lifestyle diseases like heart disease, chronic back pain, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance, and many more. Yoga actually helps you regulate your health in a way that your body is toned and fit enough to prevent the early onset of such lifestyle diseases. Yoga is a sure fire way of ensuring that you and your family live a healthy life.

  • Helps Control  Stress:

    Stress is one of the major issues that plague the world today. Work pressure is one of the most common reasons for modern day stress. One of the easiest ways in which you can keep stress at bay is by practising yoga regularly every day. About 30 minutes of yoga every morning as soon as you wake up can work wonders in regulating your mental health throughout the day.

  • Regulates Your Sleep:

    The human body requires at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep on a daily basis. Yoga comprises of a number of breathing and meditation exercises that help you sleep better. These yoga assans aim at relaxing and regulating your central nervous system, which in turn helps in instigating a calming effect on your senses. Once you begin to feel calmer and less fatigued, you automatically begin to sleep better.

  • Helps You Breathe Better:

    Breathing is something that is supposed to come naturally to us, and yet, most of the times we do not do it right. Yoga helps you learn how to breathe right. If you perform the breathing exercises in the prescribed manner, you can improve the overall health of your lungs, and lung function.

Yoga was once an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. Over time, we have forgotten the importance and benefits of devoting a certain amount of time to improve our health. This World Yoga Day, we at NeoGrowth want to help better our employee’s health by reinstating the benefits and ease of devoting time to yoga on a daily basis.


NeoGrowth Promotes Learning and Growth Opportunities to Students

NeoGrowth is proud to present a unique opportunity to students from reputed educational institutes. We have partnered with leading management and engineering institutes located in various cities across the countries. NeoGrowth’s goal is to provide learning opportunities to students in these fields of expertise. The management institutes that we have partnered with are IIM Indore, NMIMS, and ISB, Hyderabad, and the engineering institutes are Indian Institute of Information Technology, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. We firmly believe that we will benefit from this partnership and attain an array of budding experts with fresh and unique perspectives.

We are providing internship and placement opportunities to students in NeoGrowth’s product, credit, finance, & technology sectors. The main aim of this partnership is to create an internship program which will help students gain some hands on experience once they are fresh out of college, and which may pave a path to a full-time job with NeoGrowth.

This opportunity benefits students trying to make their way out in the corporate world. At NeoGrowth, the recruits gain first-hand experience on how a successful business model functions. The students also come in close contact with and work under the supervision of some of the finest business leaders in the country.

We at NeoGrowth are training new talent that comes our way from prestigious institutes from across the nation. Our goal is to ensure that students are able to benefit from interning with us. We want to make sure that the training that they receive from us proves to be the foundation on which they will build their careers.

NeoGrowth as a company benefits from this internship program by leaps and bounds. This program is an opportunity for us to gain new and fresh insights, encourage the free flow of innovative ideas, and engage in bringing about a new outlook to existing issues. We at NeoGrowth look at this partnership as an opportunity to build a stable and lasting relationship with leading management and engineering institutes.